Angelica Jubran-Bishara: The Fleeting

6 Jun

My works are fragments of the subconscious. The subconscious interests me because of its complexity and vastness and its immense effect it has in shaping our identities. It accompanies us daily, while we are performing day-to-day tasks, living out or lives, our routines dealing with problems with people etc; and it continues to grow and absorb all these life experiences storing them within even when we don’t think about them they are permanently embedded within us.

Not only does it accompany us during the day but during the night also, it makes itself known in our dreams helping us to solve our problems. What’s more the subconscious takes on the most interesting visual compositions, and it engages other senses allowing us to hear it, feel it and experience it. And so I interpret these impressions in my artwork.

My work also draws attention to a very common almost substantial subconscious stamped into humanity.  The designs of sexuality and death for example so common among everyone, they are images and notions rooted within very deep ever since mankind came to be into existence. Even if one has never come across them, felt or experienced death or sexuality the subconscious will make them known, either by releasing split second images or by making them present through dreams etc.

We find that the subconscious also contains our heritage; traditions passed down along with cultural heritage ultimately helping in shaping an identity. What is more, I believe our choices along with our subconscious are what define us to be the individuals that we are today.- Angelica Jubran-Bishara


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