7 Aug

My investigation results from a life atop a fence in which I faced customarily without regard to the physical, psychological, environmental violence it disseminated throughout the region.  Furthermore, I was ignorant of the characterizations it engrained within my identity, community, and consciousness. When I stepped down form atop the fence, the more I felt it’s weight, restrain, and adherence, as if it were shackled to my ankles.  When I return, the odor of the metal barrier impregnates my desire to confront it.  As they say, if these walls could talk, if this Border could talk…. What would it say, where would it begin? Before the tangible fixture was erected, I predict.  If history is questionable, where does one collect the data, the stories, the truth.  I started at the site and began working my way North to find that the violence runs through the landscape into the living, through the local, and across the global.

The work before you is my conscious attempt to communicate and visualize the beautiful, spiritual, appalling, and fearsome realizations I strive to come to terms with as a Fronteriza within this age of technological advancement, war, economic tribulation, and the predicted coming of our collective consciousness.  I work to resurface, re-contextualize, and re-member, so to enhance the perception of the inauguration and the effect of the border and those (us, you) who are bound throughout it.

This work is not site specific.  The concepts do not live on the border, but here in this community, your community and their community.

Mary Jenae Sanchez


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