Alison Sweet: An Illuminated Look at 16 mm Film

4 Sep

The second showing of my 16mm light box exhibition will have it’s opening in Heritage Square this First Friday, September 4th 2009 in the ArtLink Gallery which is the Carriage House of the Rossen House. In addition, the ArtLink gallery will be open every friday evening throughout the month of September from 6-10pm.

Like the August show at Five15 Arts, the ArtLink Gallery show is a series of light boxes of various sizes that display and illuminate strips of 16 mm film made primarily in the 1970’s. They consist of educational films such as a film about grocery stores, skiing and women’s bodies — home movies of fishing trips and birthday parties — and of course, my personal favorite, pornography.

Sixteen millimeter film is fascinating, as an object, because it so clearly captures movement one beautifully exposed, tangible, frame at a time. You cannot pause digital video and get the kind of clarity that film provides and you certainly cannot pull it out of its casing to study the visual breakdown. It truly captures moment after moment of a very specific time and place.

The current September show features a new large light box that features a rare peep show 16mm film that is really rather “in your face” In addition to the new work the pieces will be shown in a darker environment that does not feature standard gallery lighting, allowing the glow from the illuminated film to play a larger part in the experience.

Alison Sweet


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