Sean Deckert: New Photos Exposing Down Town Phoenix

2 Oct

I define myself as a photographer and a mixed media artist.  I keep the two separate.  I feel that photography has taken some major hits from the public at large with this new wave of digital technology.  Many people think that anyone with a nice camera and Adobe Photoshop can be a photographer.  This viewpoint robs true artists of their skills by implying they have no skill at all.  I use my camera to expose how untrue this idea is.  Many of my photographs do not look like photographs at all, and leave people guessing how such a picture was made.  It’s in this moment that they respect the art form.  My recent work concentrates on the relationship that urban environments share with the surrounding nature.  I try to capture the beauty of both urban architecture, as well as the nature that has since survived around it.  I also try to explore the battle that nature fights against community development.  Through my photographs, I hope to expose people to the reality that we live in, which is that we struggle to exist with nature peacefully.

Sean Deckert


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