Jennifer Campbell’s Storing the Sensory

24 Jan

Whether depicting fragmented dream worlds or constructing societal references, my work is very illustrative, sensory and particular. The context of my work comes in many different varieties, but I like to focus on susceptible elements of human life. I explore the complexity of loss, change, belonging, relationships and vulnerability in the human experience. I am constantly thinking about how things are constructed, and over analyzing social situations. I want my works to invite the viewer in; I want the viewer to share comfort in the piece.

According to me the perfect piece of work would consist of larger-than-life details, add a little bit of colorful fiber, with a pinch of intervention and garnish with a clever title. Or if you need a mental image for this recipe just refer to the work of artists Nick Cave, Miranda July, Henry Darger, and Sophie Calle and stick them in a blender. I like the personal tactile involvement of working with fibers and the fragility and unpredictability of watercolors. The medium of my work is usually determined by the conceptual underpinnings I chose to work with. Sometimes a piece will begin as a found object evolving into a sculpture for a performance, in other instances a home movie will form the skeleton to a digitalvideo piece. Work that is concept-driven and very meticulously involved in hand mechanical processes appeals to me greatly. Thus my studio practice engulfs my whole existence. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Jennifer Campbell


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