Stephanos Antoniadis and Olga Tsoudis – Around the World: Local and Global Perspectives in Photographs

20 Apr

Stephanos Antoniades and Olga Tsoudis Invite You To Take A Colorful Journey Through Culture And Nature InAround the World: Local and Global Perspectives in Photographs.”

Antoniades and Tsoudis show you the world through their lenses. Antoniades, originally from the island of Cyprus, started his passion in photography when he was 14 years old. This passion has resulted in extensive travelling within the United States as well as countries such as Bhutan, Peru, Nepal, China, Japan, Spain, Liechtenstein and Antarctica. Stephanos also photographs Cyprus and Greece when he visits back home with his wife. “My hope is that when someone is looking at one of my photographs, they feel that they themselves are standing there looking at the original view. Hopefully, they also get the desire to visit those places themselves, have that experience, and expand their own horizons.” – Antoniades

Tsoudis takes photos that make statements about social issues, culture and people’s lives.

“ My passion about social issues and activism is the drive behind the camera. Through photographs, I believe the viewer can be exposed to and learn about other people’s realities. I focus on social awareness and social responsibility in my everyday life and try to capture these moments with my camera, especially when I travel. These photos include travels to Bhutan, Nepal, and Cyprus. Through this show, I hope that the photos come to life for the viewer. The people in my photos have a story to tell.”- Tsoudis


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