Kate Nolen’s Elemental Intuition

8 Aug

As a creative soul, the objective is to draw beauty and light from unlikely places. Ruins, old, discarded artifacts, as well as natural media are gathered and incorporated into the pieces. Natural media used are stones, wood, plants, and leaves from the forest, mountains, and desert, shells, feathers and petrified wood from the beach, as well as any other natural remains that may appear along the path.

Most of the materials are naturally found, ecological in the mindset that most of these materials would never be used again. After traveling to different places, and collecting the media, a ‘skeleton’ is made, after which acrylic paint is applied to completely transform the objects, fusing them with one another in a colorful, harmonious abstraction.

The pieces speak to my inner space while working with them. No color or placement is ever set in stone and they always turn out differently than I could ever have planned.

The goal in all of this is to establish the essence of radiance, harmony, and love, and allow it to reflect in others, for their enjoyment and for the greater good of the universe.

-Kate Nolen


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