Merge: Phoenix Poetry Series Retrospective

19 Aug

Photo Courtesy: Sean Deckert

This exhibition is a collection of hand written poetry combined with photographs made from an intuitive response to selected poems. The installation of the original art will create an interactive environment where viewers are enticed to have a more involved physical connection with the poetry and retrospective/current Merge community. Viewers are invited to remove poems and photographs from the gallery wall to read leisurely during the exhibition. There will be a poetry reading that will showcase the poem through the voice of the author. Limited edition copies of the journal will be for sale.
“Making collaborative art in this way is just an organic creation of original synergetic work. I am mostly excited about the fact that the exhibition will be visual, vocal, and audible.” -Sean Deckert

Editorial Team Chief Editor, Rosemarie Dombrowski, PhD

Photographer Sean Deckert

Opening Reception First Friday: September 2, 6-10p.m.

Closing Reception Third Friday:  September 16, 6-9p.m.

Also open by appointment.


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