Christine Cassano: Adaptations

29 Feb

Meet and greet the Artist Christine Cassano the weekend of Art Detour between the hours of 12:30-4:30

Exhibition Dates: March 11th-March 18th, 2012

Art Detour 24 Weekend:
Third Friday, March 16th, 6-9pm
Saturday, March 17th, 10-6pm
Sunday, March 18th, 12-6pm

Christine Cassano “Sleep Furiously”, 10” h x 30”wx 1.5”d

The Artlink Gallery at Heritage Square is excited to present the works of Christine Cassano’s “Adaptations” for its final show. The gallery will be open for the closing reception on Third Friday and for Art Detour 24 Weekend.

Cassano’s multimedia and concrete pieces bring forth a visual narrative of the modern-day social setting we live in. The viewer can almost interpret sound in Cassano’s intuitive placement of her found objects within the concrete. The result is a cold manifestation of structure and the synthetic.

“With my art-making process, I seek to create an ongoing dialogue of visual elements that explore ideas directly related to environmental adaptation, integrating both manufactured and dried organic found objects into concrete.With this difficult, yet unique medium as an art-making process, my intent is to create intricate assemblages which represent ideas related to our societal modern-day adaptations. Upon viewing, the origins of these salvage objects seem to appeal to our most basic human curiosities and the viewer is visually persuaded to lean in closely – to peer in – becoming intimately engaged with these small reassembled environments. The deliberate combination and composition of objects serve to signify the challenges of each of our own environmental adaptations.”- Christine Cassano

This Little Gallery At Heritage Square served as a non profit exhibition space and has had the privilege to have on its walls, the talented works of emerging as well as established artists. The Rosson House Foundation, along with the City of Phoenix, have graciously offered the space for Artlink, a non-profit organization, to run the space since 2008 by a team of local artists and curators.  The Artlink Gallery at Heritage Square will be closing after Art Detour Weekend. Moving forward, Artlink will continue to run the Artink A.E England Gallery as a non-profit exhibition space.  For more information, please email Artlink at


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