Artlink Gallery at Heritage Square Closes

29 Mar

This Little Gallery At Heritage Square served as a non profit exhibition space and has had the privilege to have on its walls, the talented works of emerging as well as established artists. The Rosson House Foundation, along with the City of Phoenix, have graciously offered the space for Artlink, a non-profit organization, to run the space since 2009 by a team of local artists and curators.

Moving forward, Artlink will continue to run the Artink A.E England Gallery as a non-profit exhibition space. For more information, please email Artlink at or go to Artlink’s A.E. England’s site at

The Gallery closed after Art Detour 24 Weekend. Thank you to all the amazing artists and volunteers who took part in shaping the Gallery to be what it was:

Angelica Jubran-Bishara, Cory Weeks, Jenae Sanchez, Sean Deckert, Junjie Verzosa,Christina Mesiti,Tara Logsdon, Kate Nolen, Stephanos Antoniadis, Olga Tsoudis, Karla Uribe, Mhelanie Banzon Silao, Robert Bauer, Alan Fischer, Juliet Oglesbee, Alison Sweet, Julie Ganas, Lindy Swinney, Jennifer Campbell, Sandra Neumann Wilderman, Christy Puetz, Cesar Napoleon, Rosemarie Drombrowski, Jim Fury, J Morales, Jason Smith, Alvin Huff, David Zadroga, Students New School for the Arts and Academics, Chad Belote, Christine Cassano and Tribute to Lisa Layton Okland


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