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Tara Logsdon: Right to Bear Arms

7 Mar

Tara Logsdon is building an army of bears to fight mass production/ consumption. She rescues and up-cycles teddy bears that are in grave need of physical and psychological repair from thrift stores. Each bear is washed, disinfected and rehabbed depending on the individual need and then prepped for surgery. Long hours in the OR are spent repairing their dismembered appendages using only hand-stitching techniques. They are then given a heart of recycled material from Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Burberry products so their new owners know they are ready for some high-end lovin. Their noses and mouths are also removed and they are given new eyes for a better outlook on life. This is a complete sensory make over! After full recovery each bear is given a unique prescription that must be followed until they have adapted to their new environment. -Tara Logsdon